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N P electronics provide you with ICAT Certification, Electric Vehicle  Homologation Services. What is ICAT Certification? It is India’s premier homologation and testing centre developed under NATRIP by government of India. It is one of the agencies notified under CMV rule no. 126 for assurance of “Type Approval Certificate and conformity of Production Certificate”. We provide ICAT Consultant for Electric Cars, ICAT Consultant for Electric Trucks, ICAT Certification for Electric Vehicles, Testing and Approval of Electric Vehicles, ICAT Consultant for E Cycle, ICAT Consultant for E-Bike, ICAT Consultant for E Scooty. The homologation process for any automotive vehicle electric vehicles consists of several steps component approval, component fitting to the vehicle, system approvals, whole vehicle approval and vehicle certification test. All these are included under Electric Vehicle (EV) Homologation Services, N P ELECTRONICS offers a full range of support and assistance for the automotive industry, including 2W, 3W, 4W, electric vehicles, tractors, electric rickshaws, buses, trucks, trailers, electric vehicles, two-wheel tractors and combine harvesters. We serve clients all over India. We also provide international automotive homologation services. 

N P Electronic provides the ICAT Approval Consultant of the International Center for Automotive Technology (ICAT) is an automotive testing, certification and R&D service provider under the Government of India. ICAT Approval Consultant provides services such as Certification, Design and Development, Testing and Validation Consultancy.

We are the best in the industry of ICAT Certification and Electric Vehicle (EV) Homologation Services. Below given is the contact form. Feel free to contact anytime. Our professionals will guide you for the same. NP Electronics can help you improve vehicle performance to meet today’s and tomorrow’s stringent fuel economy and emissions regulations for electric vehicle design. NP Electronics can help you improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet, save you money and recover your investment much faster. Consult the Expert today, reach us today for the best consultation in this field. 

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