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Benchmark Performance Service

N P Electronics offers comprehensive vehicle benchmarking analysis of  the most important passenger cars, newly released to the market. The benchmarking program delivers an  overview of results for all main attributes in the competitive landscape described by the N P Electronics.

The vehicle benchmarking program considers 10 main attributes scoring up to  815 single criteria. The 10 main attribute are as follows:

  • Performance
  • Driveability
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Sound / NVH
  • RDE: CO2 / Real life fuel consumption
  • Pollutant emissions
  • Friction
  • Thermal, energy management
  • Vehicle dynamics, handling
  • Ride Comfort
Benchmark Performance Service
Customer benefits:
  • Objective target definition and target tracking
  • Widely spread competitive comparison
  • Cost efficient  benchmarking
Vehicle Benchmark Performance Service
  • Information about best of class behavior
  • Development targets for new models
  • Basis for model revisions

Highlighting of strengths and weaknesses within the competitor scatter bands data

  • Detailed technical Analysis and root cause analysis
  • Customized  test cycles (incl. customer exclusive reporting)
  • Testing of prototype vehicles (customer  exclusive)
  • Customer can provide test vehicles to receive cost compensation)
  • Drive competitor cars yourself at your site

Delivery lead time is one of the most critical and strategic measurements for outbound logistics. But as with other KPIs, it should be considered carefully. Averages across benchmarks must be weighted by factors like market share, to make sure that higher or lower volume brands or markets don’t skew results. Furthermore, similar performance can have very different impacts depending on strategy. For example, the implications of longer order-to-delivery lead times are different for a manufacturer with a high sold-order and customisation content, compared with a carmaker that sells almost all cars from stock.

The time taken to get a car through the compound to a dealer’s forecourt also has natural variations. Different model types require different tests, accessory installs or special handling and at times of slack demand, a slow performance may be financially advantageous and therefore deliberate. 

Such a measurement is usually broken up into its component pieces, such as the turnaround time at terminals or rail loading. However, it is debatable from which point you should start measuring time. If you gauge it from when a transporter enters the gate until it leaves again, you won’t capture how long it queued to get into the terminal in the first place. Truckers might be able to provide that data, but there may be questions about its accuracy. 

Vehicle Type Approval

Confirmation that production samples of a type of vehicle, vehicle system, component or separate technical unit will meet specified performance standards then it known as Vehicle type approval. Vehicle type of approval is for all types of vehicle like 2 wheeler vehicle, 3 wheeler vehicle, 4 wheeler vehicle.

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