CMVR Certification and FAME 2 Certification

CMVR Certification

To sell automotive products in India, you need to be aware of specific legal requirements like CMVR (Central Motor Vehicle Rules) and obtain the necessary approvals from notified test agencies for Indian Whole Vehicle and Components CMVR Certification. To obtain the CMVR approval from test agencies, we support the OEMs with complete solutions. We perform two stage activities viz Development Phase and Certification Phase.
Development Phase
We support in necessary requirements to comply the test standards such as preparing Jigs and Fixtures, identifying suppliers for critical components, preparing specifications & drawings also conducting the vehicle level critical pre-test. Details of each activity is mentioned in the below flowchart.
Certification Phase
After Development Phase, we support in preparing the application to test agencies, detail discussion pertaining to time line, component and vehicle level testing and Report preparation. We ensure the CMVR Certification and FAME 2 Certification , wmi world manufacturer identifier consultant is handed over to the OEMs on time. We highly maintain the confidentiality of each project. We are well known in the market for our commitment in terms of timeline and complying to the OEMs expectation.
Confirmity of Production (COP)
The compliance to obtain the COP is mandatory requirement for FAME Certification. The COP frequency for FAME 2 is every year. We support in selection, testing and obtaining the COP certificate. The CMVR related COP is under discussion and is likely to be implemented very soon.

Benefits of CMVR Certification?

CMVR certification ensures that your motor vehicle meets certain safety and emissions standards. This helps to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive and will not cause any harm to the environment or other drivers.

CMVR certification is also important for a number of other reasons. It can help to reduce insurance costs, as insurance companies often offer discounts to drivers with CMVR certification. It can also make it easier to sell your vehicle, as many buyers will look for vehicles that have been certified.

NP Electronics is a prominent provider of CMVR (Central Motor Vehicles Rules) Certification services in Pune, India. With their extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the CMVR regulations, NP Electronics assists automotive manufacturers in obtaining the necessary certification for their products. Situated in Pune for the automotive industry in India, the company is strategically located to cater to the certification needs of local manufacturers.

You can trust us for being an experienced partner who will support you with EV homologation, vehicle component testing, type testing and type approval for your electrical vehicles and vehicle parts around the world.


FAME 2 Certification

NP Electronics is a pioneering company dedicated to providing top-notch services related to Fame 2 Certification. With a proven track record of excellence in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles, NP Electronics offers comprehensive assistance to manufacturers seeking Fame 2 Certification for their products.

Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (FAME ) India scheme has been introduced by Government of India. In order to promote manufacturing of electric vehicle technology and to ensure sustainable growth of the same, the Department of Heavy Industry implemented the FAME- II scheme.

The steering committee has mandated that only companies that meet the 100% localization threshold will be eligible for the incentives that will be available under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (FAME-II  scheme) to boost electric mobility as well as the ‘Make in India’ initiative.  We support the OEMs in identifying the suppliers for all the components related to EVs also provide support for establishing their manufacturing plant in India for the same.

Nearly 1.65 lakh electric vehicles have been provided subsidy under the second phase of FAME. FAME-1 scheme promotes adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs) in the country.
FAME-II scheme was launched on 8 March, 2019 for five years with effect from 1 April, 2019 and with a total budgetary support of Rs 10,000 crore.
This phase focuses on supporting electrification of public and shared transportation and aims to support, through subsidies, about 7,000 e-buses, five lakh e-three wheelers, 55,000 e-four-wheeler passenger cars and 10 lakh e-two wheelers. In addition, creation of charging infrastructure is also supported.

NP Electronics helps companies in FAME 2  certification for electric vehicles.

Speed Governor Supplier –

We are a key manufacturer of speed governors and also speed governor supplier – speed limiters and controllers. For the purpose of quality standardization, the manufacturing is done in accordance with the prevailing industry standards & guidelines. We make use of the finest raw material and sophisticated technology. Our speed governors exhibit good functionality, accuracy, and long service life. Post production, our speed governors are refined through various quality examinations. They are packed in a commendable mode, and delivered on time. We keep up with the best rates possible.

Certification Services - BIS Registration, WPC Approval, Bee Certificates, ISI Certification, ISO Certification, TEC Certification

NP Electronics is a leading organization based in Pune, India providing a wide range of services like BIS Registration service, WPC Approval, Bee Certificates, ISI Certification, ISO Certification, wmi world manufacturer identifier consultant, TEC Certification. NP Electronics contributes to a large extent in the business expansion of foreign companies by registrations or certifications that are mandatory for a product to enter into the Indian market.

WMI Registration Services, CMVR Certification

WMI is a unique number also known as wmi code. WMI Registration stands for World Manufacturer Identification. WMI is not whole part of VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), but in VIN only 3 initial numbers are WMI registration numbers. This number is useful for classification of manufacturer of the vehicle.

NPElectronics provides WMI registration service, vahan registration consultancy services, VAHAN Certification Consultant services, vehicle registration vahan services, vehicle performance consultancy services

Frequently Asked Questions

CMVR stands for Central Motor Vehicles Rules, and the certification refers to compliance with the safety and emission standards set by the Indian government for vehicles. It is mandatory for all vehicles to obtain CMVR certification before they can be sold in India.

FAME stands for Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles. FAME 2 is a government scheme that provides incentives for the adoption and manufacturing of electric and hybrid vehicles in India. FAME 2 certification refers to the eligibility of a vehicle to receive benefits under this scheme.

CMVR certification is important because it ensures that vehicles sold in India meet the safety and emission standards set by the government. This helps to reduce pollution and improve road safety.

FAME 2 certification is important because it provides incentives for the adoption and manufacturing of electric and hybrid vehicles in India. These incentives help to reduce the cost of electric and hybrid vehicles, making them more affordable for consumers.

No, it is illegal to sell a vehicle in India without CMVR certification. Manufacturers must obtain this certification before they can launch their vehicles in the Indian market.

Fame 2 Certification covers a range of electric and hybrid vehicles, including electric cars, electric two-wheelers, electric buses, electric three-wheelers, and hybrid vehicles. It aims to encourage the adoption of clean and green transportation solutions.

The duration of the CMVR certification process depends on various factors, such as the type of vehicle, its technical specifications, and the testing agency. However, it generally takes several weeks to a few months to obtain CMVR certification.

FAME 2 certification provides subsidies and other financial benefits to buyers of electric vehicles. This makes electric vehicles more affordable and accessible to a wider range of consumers, which can help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in India.

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